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Thank you for visiting We’re your full service brokerage based out of Southern California offering exceptional service to customers in real estate and assisting people in achieving their goals.

Started in 2005, we have a good reputation as new home specialists and practice in brand new residential properties in Southern California region. We’re certified New Home Co-Brokers and know what it takes to find your next new dream home. We’re passionate about our work. We love our neighborhood and keep pace with the latest market trends and strategies, so that we can pass them on to our clients. Our efficiency, dedication and diligence in what we do are reflected by the amount of referral businesses we get from our satisfied new home clients. Read our client testimonials and see what our valued customers have to say about us.

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Enjoy flat rebates based on sale price

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In order to thank you for using our service, we share a portion of our commission with our buyers.
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Certified New Home Specialists

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Knowledge of market research data on a global and local level, Technology, partnering with onsite agents, how to show new homes and how to leverage new home fixed pricing.
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MRP Certified

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The Military Relocation Professional (MRP) certification is for real estate professionals who want to work with current and former military service members.
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No enrollment fees

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The Rebate Program will always be 100% enrollment free.
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No obligation to buy

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There is no obligation to ever purchase a home.
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Builder negotiations

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We help you with negotiation with the builder. Before signing, we ensure that all the buyer receives all the credits the builder has agreed to offer. It may be necessary to ask the builder to apply some of their closing cost incentives to price, upgrades, or appliances instead. We help you in negotiating such things with the builder.


The home buyer registers himself with the agent called as the buyer’s agent. The builder or the seller has their own agent termed as the listing agent. In any real estate transaction the seller is the party who always pays the commission. (and not the buyer)

The seller pays commission to the listing agent. The listing agent shares a portion of this commission with the buyer’s agent. For instance the buyer’s budget on the base price is between $200,000 – $299,000 the rebate is a flat $1000, between $300,000 – $399,000 it is $2500 and goes on. Please use the rebate calculator beside and check the category you fall into


Home Purchase Price
Cash Rebate Amount
= $1,000 Rebate
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Honesty and Integrity

We always ensure that we maintain our practices right, fair, and ethical.
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We take care in sharing appropriate information to our customers in an honest and open manner.
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We strive for professional excellence and take good care to satisfy our customers with the best choice.
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Customer Satisfaction

We always aim to exceed the expectations of our customers by understanding and responding appropriately to their needs.


In order to be eligible for up to $6,000 New Home Rebate, you will have to register with us before visiting new builder’s model homes. We have to be registered as your Real Estate Agent on the very first visit at the builder model homes.


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You Have Questions? We Have Answers! We're available to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to call us at 951-314-4251.

There are so many new home builders in Southern California building new homes currently. If you’re on the market planning to buy new home very soon from participating new home builder in Southern California and you have done your research and know where to buy your next brand new home, then this program is for you. You’re going to buy new home anyways, why not get rewarded at the same time for using us as your Realtor.

The New Home Builder Rebate is a form of commission sharing. As your Real Estate Agents representing you in your new home purchase with the builder, we are paid a commission by the builder when you buy a new home. To thank you for using our service, we share a portion of our commission with you and reward you for your hard work based on your base purchase price, not the final sale price with upgrades. (Please see rebate chart for more details or contact us today).

We get this asked all the time, but the answer is No, unfortunately you cannot. Per the California Bureau of Real Estate the only people who can be legally paid commissions in a Real Estate transaction are licensed Real Estate Broker/Agents / REALTORS®. We’re your key to unlocking additional savings through our New Home Rebate Program.  This is a win-win-win for all parties. is owned and operated by “Legacy Homes Realty” Josephine Sharma Broker/CEO and Raj Sharma Realtor and its partners based out of Southern California. We’re licensed to do real estate business in California by “California Bureau of Real Estate”- our company CalBRE Lic# is 01902724.    Josephine’s Lic# 01507253.  Raj’s Lic# 01886334.

The catch is Rebates are for qualifying home buyers only. Legacy Homes Realty will provide as an incentive to customer a portion of cooperative brokerage commission it receives from the new home builder. This Rebate offer is only valid to customer who registers us at new home builder’s sales office on their very first visit as their Real Estate Agent. Limit of one Rebate per transaction per customer. So keep in mind to contact us before visiting the model homes and register us on your very first visit to any builder‘s sales office. Once registered at sales office you can go back as many times as you like without us. Most builder registration is valid for 60 days, so your goal should be to sign a purchase contract with the builder home you love soon as possible. Rebates are subject to change without notice, contact us today for more details and check Rebate eligibility in your area.

Rebates will be given to you in the form of either a closing cost credit in escrow, applied towards your new home option upgrades with the builder, applied as a reduction to your lot premium price if allowed by the builder, to purchase appliances, blinds from builder in escrow or apply towards buying down your interest rate with your lender to lock in best low interest rate for many years of savings. The rebate must appear on the Closing Settlement Statement, your sales contract and your Exclusive Buyer’s Agency Agreement. We want to insure you get your money as quickly as possible, that’s why we like to do everything through escrow.

Home Purchase Base Price Cash Rebate Amount
$200,000 – $299,000 $1,000
$300,000 – $399,000 $ 2,500
$400,000 – $499,000 $ 3,000
$500,000 – $599,000 $ 3,500
$600,000 – $699,000 $ 4,000
$700,000 – $799,000 $ 5,000
$800,000 – $899,000 $ 5,500
$900,000 and Up $ 6,000

*Rebates are calculated on base purchase price, that’s what we get paid on, not the final sale price with lot premium or upgrade price. Rebates are subject to change without notice, contact us today for more details and check Rebate eligibility in your area.

Yes. In California, as well as 40 other states, Real Estate Rebates are allowed. According to the U.S. Department of Justice website-

No. Unfortunately you cannot. Legacy Homes Realty’s agent must be exclusively representing you as your Real Estate Agent in order for you to receive your New Home Rebate from us.

No.On your very first visit to the Builder’s model home sales center, the new home builder needs to be notified that Legacy Homes Realty‘s agents (Raj Sharma, Josephine Sharma)are representing you as your Real Estate Agent and that we are offering to share our commission with you in the form of a closing cost credit, option price reductions or in a lot premium sales price reduction. Once the builder has a signed legal agreement with you, there is no obligation for them to change the terms of the agreement in order to pay commissions to a Real Estate Agent / REALTOR®.

Not all Real Estate Agents/Realtors are also broker or own a broker firm. In the traditional Real Estate model, the Real Estate Agency is owned by a Broker/Owner with Real Estate Agents/REALTORS® working under them. They have high overhead due to retail office space, managers, operations staff, franchise fees, desk fee, etc. Any commissions earned are split between the Broker/Owner and the Real Estate Agents/REALTORS® which makes it harder for other agents to offer any rebates.

When our clients does the new home search in Southern California and register us as their real estate agent on very first visit to the new home sales office, they’re greatly reducing our time and resources. We’re able to pass the savings on to our new home buyers because we’re a local broker firm in Southern California and don’t have franchise fees or huge overhead to pay, which allows us to put more money in your pocket when buying new home with us.

No. Our goal is to make buying new home lot easier for first time home buyers or move up buyers.  We’re happy to pass on the saving to our new home buyers. We’re a full service Real Estate Brokerage that specializes in new homes with over 12 years of experience dealing with purchasing a new home from a builder. We’re certified New Home Co-Broker.  We provide assistance with contract negotiations, options selection,selecting financing options, home inspections, final walk-through and be present on closing day to deliver they keys. Builder has an agent on their team called site agent or sales rep; do you have an agent on your team?  Site agent for the builder represents the builder’s best interest; we represent you and look out for your best interest. We can be involved in the whole transaction as much as you want us to or as little, it’s your choice.

Questions we get asked is “where were you when we bought our last new home.” The question should be; why shouldn’t you use this platform? You’re doing most of the hard work, so we’re paying you for that service as a thank you.  This program is so simple and easy to use, so please call or e-mail us today to go see your next dream home at the builder models together.

If you have not signed a Buyer Agreement form with your agent you may still be eligible. If you already have an agent and contract signed then this web site is not for you.This website is not a solicitation for your business if you’re currently working with another broker/agent.

Yes, the price and incentives are the same whether you use a Real Estate Agent/Realtor or not. This is another misunderstanding people have about new homes.The builder must offer new home buyers with an agent the same price they would offer someone without an agent. Otherwise, it would be discriminating. Many new home buyers’ thinks working with builder’s sales agent directly is going to save them money, but they don’t know that the builder’s agent will always have the builder’s best interest in mind first.  Most all new home builders encourages Realtors to bring them business and builder has this cost already in their sale price.  Therefore, if a buyer is not represented by a Real Estate Agent/Realtor, then the extra savings goes into builder’s pocket and not to buyers. This is where we come in and help you get more savings in your pocket for the home you’re already going to buy.

Yes. We’re proud to serve those who served our country. We’re certified “Military Relocation Professional” (MRP) Agent. “The National Association of REALTORS®” (NAR) confers the “MRP” certification to REALTORS® who want to help military personnel and veterans find housing solutions that best meet their needs and allow them to take full advantage of their military benefits. REALTORS® who earn this certification know how to work with active duty military buyers and sellers, as well as Veterans. Allow us to help you find your next dream home using your VA benefits.

Next step is to contact us first before going to the builder model homes, please Register Here with us and one of our qualified team members will contact you shortly. You’re one step closer to getting up- to $6,000 cash rebate based on your base purchase price.

We make buying new lot easier, one happy home buyer at a time!


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Raj and Josephine have the Experience, Knowledge, Professionalism, Communication and Negotiation skills to get you into your dream home.”
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Lake Elsinore, CA
“I was very impressed with their communication and negotiation skills.”
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Corona, CA
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“ has a proven record & credibility among its customers. We as credible agents respond to inquiries no matter how insignificant they may seem. We promise transparency throughout the business! “

Raj Sharma
CEO, owner

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